Diversity Statement

We Are Austin, Austin is Us

Austin is a tapestry, a collection of people from all over the world, and from right here at home. 

Finnessey Davis markets real estate for an extraordinarily diverse collection of people; all disciplines, all cultures, all styles, all colors, and every orientation. We believe in this diversity to our core. Career variety is plentiful and varied in Austin. Some have college degrees, some have earned their doctorates in our oil fields, on our ranches, or by building our bridges, highways, and flyovers over a lifetime of proud labor. We are tech wizards, actors, writers, and musicians. We are entrepreneurs and start-ups and fortune 500s. We are the epicenter of thought at our acclaimed universities, the source of healing and hope at our renowned medical centers and research facilities. Our restaurants in this foodie town taste like every corner of the planet. Our families are every color, tint, and shade, and every mix of age and orientation. We are proud to be the Lone Star people. Give us the opportunity and we will show you who we are and invite you into our homes and celebrate you there! We at Finnessey Davis + CO consider it our privilege to offer our talents, skills, and expertise to place Austinites from every walk of life, representing all incomes and backgrounds, in homes of their choosing. So bring it on, Austin! This is what we do, Y’all!

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